• Fletchers Real Estate

    Very pleased to announce that Fletchers Real Estate have agreed to a Gold sponsorship, replacing United Finance, for the next 3 seasons minimum.

    Senior player, Nathan Aron, was instrumental in gaining this sponsorship. Nathan is a Fletchers sales exec and will be the contact for those wishing to buy or sell real estate from our club.

    More details to follow.

  • C-Net

    C-Net (Pty Ltd) specialises in providing SAP based Occupational Health & Safetymanagement solutions.

    C-Net has been providing SAP solutions since 1995. In 2000 C-Net was awarded SAP Complimentary Software Partner Status and the Intellectual Property to SAP's Occupational Health & Safety component. C-Net's charter was to develop and support localised functionality and legislative compliance as SAP's endorsed solution.

    C-Net develops and delivers SafetySuite Software, services and support for great number of businesses in Australia from all industry sectors.

    Through its understanding of OH&S and in partnership with business C-Net strives to further enhance the rich functionality that SafetySuite delivers and provide powerful practical solutions to manage OH&S.

  • BreadStreet

    BreadStreet supplies our canteen with bread each week. An awesome effort and thank you for your support.

    If you are in the area please drop in for some quality bread rolls and other products as explained above, you may need to turn on your head to read them all.